S-box based image encryption application using a chaotic system without equilibrium


Wang X., Çavuşoğlu Ü., Kacar S., Akgul A., Pham V.-T., Jafari S., Alsaadi F.E., Nguyen X.Q.

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Applied Sciences (Switzerland)

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Chaotic systems without equilibrium are of interest because they are the systems with hidden attractors. A nonequilibrium system with chaos is introduced in this work. Chaotic behavior of the system is verified by phase portraits, Lyapunov exponents, and entropy. We have implemented a real electronic circuit of the system and reported experimental results. By using this new chaotic system, we have constructed S-boxes which are applied to propose a novel image encryption algorithm. In the designed encryption algorithm, three S-boxes with strong cryptographic properties are used for the sub-byte operation. Particularly, the S-box for the sub-byte process is selected randomly. In addition, performance analyses of S-boxes and security analyses of the encryption processes have been presented.