Research on the buckling behavior of functionally graded plates with stiffeners based on the third-order shear deformation theory


Nguyen H.-N., Tan T.C., Luat D.T., Phan V.-D., Van Thom D., Van Minh P.

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This paper presents a finite element formulation to study the mechanical buckling of stiffened functionally graded material (FGM) plates. The approach is based on a third-order shear deformation theory (TSDT) introduced by Guangyu Shi. The material properties of the plate were assumed to be varied in the thickness direction by a power law distribution, but the material of the stiffener was the same as that of the one of the bottom surface where the stiffener was placed. A parametric study was carried out to highlight the effect of material distribution, the thickness-to-width ratio, and stiffener parameters on the buckling characteristics of the stiffened FGM plates. Numerical results showed that the addition of stiffener to the FGM plate could significantly reduce the weight of the FGM plate but that both the FGM plates with and without stiffener had equally high strength in the same boundary condition and compression loading.