Power beacon-assisted energy harvesting in a half-duplex communication network under co-channel interference over a Rayleigh fading environment: Energy efficiency and outage probability analysis


Phan V.-D., Nguyen T.N., Tran M., Trang T.T., Voznak M., Ha D.-H., Nguyen T.-L.

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In this time, energy efficiency (EE), measured in bits per Watt, has been considered as an important emerging metric in energy-constrained wireless communication networks because of their energy shortage. In this paper, we investigate power beacon assisted (PB) energy harvesting (EH) in half-duplex (HD) communication network under co-channel Interferer over Rayleigh fading environment. In this work, we investigate the model system with the time switching (TS) protocol. Firstly, the exact and asymptotic form expressions of the outage probability (OP) are analyzed and derived. Then the system EE is investigated and the influence of the primary system parameters on the system performance. Finally, we verify the correctness of the analytical expressions using Monte Carlo simulation. Finally, we can state that the simulation and analytical results are the same.