Passive ionospheric radar builds with USRP N210


Rejfek L., Kouba D., Mošna Z., Knifová P.K., Tran P.T., Dong C.S.-T.

Source title

Journal of Electrical Engineering

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This paper presents first results and test of passive detection of Digisonde signal obtained at the Pr ̊uhonice station, Czech Republic. Described technique can be used to analyze signals transmitted by the Digisonde and further received bysimple loop antenna. The receiving system is based on the software defined radio (SDR USRP N210). The device worksas the two channels receiver. This method will be employed torecord oblique ionograms at several locations in the CzechRepublic forming a simple array for detection of fine structures within ionospheric plasma using common DPS 4D transmitter. Using relatively inexpensive passive detection helps to increase a number of reflection points which leads to a better spatialcoverage of the ionosphere sounding. The device representsa complementary measurement for detection of signal transmittedby Digisondes in European sector.