Outage probability analysis in relaying cooperative systems with NOMA considering power splitting


Ly T.T.H., Nguyen H.S., Nguyen T.S., Huynh V.V., Nguyen T.L., Voznak M.

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n recent years, non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) has become a promising technology for the advancement of future wireless communications. In principle, the relay node with better channel conditions can support others to enhance the system performance by using successive interference cancellation (SIC) technique. In this paper, we take advantage of NOMA in the study of a relaying cooperative system operating in half-duplex (HD) fixed decode-and-forward (DF) relaying scheme. In the two time slots, two data symbols are received at the destination node resulting in a higher transmission rate. Besides that, we study energy harvesting (EH) with power splitting (PS) protocol. For performance analysis, approximate and exact closed-form expressions for outage probability (OP) are obtained. Following that, we examine the average bit error probability (ABEP) while expressions for the throughput in delay-limited mode are given. It can be seen that our simulation results match well with the Monte Carlo simulations.