Optimal Energy Harvesting Strategy in Relaying Networks: Dynamic Allocation Scheme and Performance Analysis


Do D.-T.

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Wireless Personal Communications

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This paper evaluates the performance of a wireless powered communications system, where an energy-aware relay can ability of controlling proper energy harvesting parameters for obtaining maximal throughput. Considering a power splitting approach, the relay first can calculate percentage of harvested wireless energy from power supply source, and then transmits information to the destination. This paper proposes the dynamic harvesting power allocation policy for energy harvesting and analytical expressions for the delay-limited and delay-tolerant throughput related to amplify-and-forward relaying mode. In particular, the optimal power coefficients can be derived in closed-form expressions, in which the maximal throughput can be obtained in special case, i.e., high transmit power regime. In addition, the impact of transmit power, power splitting fraction, the fixed rate factors, noise levels are well studied. Simulation results validate the theoretical expressions and show the effectiveness of the proposed policy.