A new memristive chaotic flow with a line of equilibria


Van Huynh V., Khalaf A.J.M., Alsaedi A., Hayat T., Abdolmohammadi H.R.

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European Physical Journal: Special Topics

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A new 4-D memristive chaotic flow is proposed in this paper. Dynamical investigation of the proposed system shows some specific properties. The system has a line of equilibria which are unstable in some limited intervals and stable at other intervals. Investigating bifurcation diagram of the system shows an inverse period-doubling route to chaos. Also, different initiation in plotting bifurcation diagram shows its multistability. In some intervals of the parameter, two Lyapunov exponents of the system are positive, and the attractor is hyper-chaotic. However, in some other ranges of parameters, only one Lyapunov exponent is positive, and the attractor is chaotic. Basin of attraction of the system is studied which shows a vast region of attraction for the chaotic attractor. Entropy analysis of the system provides a viewpoint into the unpredictability of the system.