Multistability and Coexisting Attractors in a New Circulant Chaotic System


Rajagopal K., Akgul A., Pham V.-T., Alsaadi F.E., Nazarimehr F., Alsaadi F.E., Jafari S.

Source title

International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos

Publication year

In this paper, a new four-dimensional chaotic flow is proposed. The system has a cyclic symmetry in its structure and shows a complicated, chaotic attractor. The dynamical properties of the system are investigated. The system shows multistability in an interval of its parameter. Fractional order model of the proposed system is discussed in various fractional orders. Bifurcation analysis of the fractional order system shows that it has a kind of multistability like the integer order system, which is a very rare phenomenon. Circuit realization of the proposed system is also carried out to show that it is usable for engineering applications.