Multisource power splitting energy harvesting relaying network in half-duplex system over block rayleigh fading channel: System performance analysis


Nguyen T.N., Tran M., Nguyen T.-L., Ha D.-H., Voznak M.

Source title

Electronics (Switzerland)

Publication year

Energy harvesting and information transferring simultaneously by radio frequency (RF) is considered as the novel solution for green-energy wireless communications. From that point of view, the system performance (SP) analysis of multisource power splitting (PS) energy harvesting (EH) relaying network (RN) over block Rayleigh-fading channels is presented and investigated. We investigate the system in both delay-tolerant transmission (DTT), and delay-limited transmission (DLT) modes and devices work in the half-duplex (HD) system. In this model system, the closed-form (CF) expressions for the outage probability (OP), system throughput (ST) in DLT mode and for ergodic capacity (EC) for DTT mode are analyzed and derived, respectively. Furthermore, CF expression for the symbol errors ratio (SER) is demonstrated. Then, the optimal PS factor is investigated. Finally, a Monte Carlo simulation is used for validating the analytical expressions concerning with all system parameters (SP).