Multiscroll chaotic system with sigmoid nonlinearity and its fractional order form with synchronization application


Rajagopal K., Durdu A., Jafari S., Uyaroglu Y., Karthikeyan A., Akgul A.

Source title

International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics

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In this paper, a multiscroll snap oscillator with hyperbolic tangent function is proposed. There is no limitation in the number of scrolls and it can be increased by proper choice of a specific function. The Lyapunov exponents of the proposed system are obtained to testify the chaotic behavior of the system. Fractional order multiscroll system is derived from its integer order model by using the Adams–Bashforth–Moulton algorithm. A new scheme is applied in order to investigate the synchronization of the multiscroll systems. The main objective of the paper is to propose a multiscroll attractor and show that the number of scrolls can be controlled by the only nonlinear function. Such systems are less investigated in the literatures and has many real time applications like image and voice encryption, random number generators, chaos based communication systems and so on.