Multi-source in DF cooperative networks with the PSR protocol based full-duplex energy harvesting over a Rayleigh fading channel: Performance analysis [PSR-protokollil põhinevad täisdupleksenergia noppega, mitme allika ja Rayleigh' sumbekanaliga DF-kooper


Nguyena T.N., Tranc M., Duy-Hung H., Trange T.T., Voznak M.

Source title

Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences

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Due to the tremendous energy consumption growth with ever-increasing connected devices, alternative wireless information and power transfer techniques are important not only for theoretical research but also for saving operational costs and for a sustainable growth of wireless communications. In this paper, we investigate the multi-source in decode-and-forward cooperative networks with the power splitting protocol based full-duplex energy harvesting relaying network over a Rayleigh fading channel. In this system model, the multi-source and the destination communicate with each other by both the direct link and an intermediate helping relay. First, we investigate source selection for the best system performance. Then, the closed-form expression of the outage probability and the symbol error ratio are derived. Finally, the Monte Carlo simulation is used for validating the analytical expressions in connection with all main possible system parameters. The research results show that the analytical and simulation results matched well with each other.