Improving the optical properties of rp-wleds by co-doping α-sro·3B2O3:Sm2+ conversion phosphor into yellow-emitting phosphor packaging


Tin P.T., Le A.V., Tran M., Nhan N.H.K., Trang T.T.

Source title

Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures

Publication year

In this paper, we investigate the optical properties in term of the correlated color temperature deviation (CCT-D), color rendering index (CRI) and lumen output (LO) of the 8500 K remote-packaging white LEDs (RP-WLEDs), while we vary the size of the red-emitting alpha-SrO center dot 3B(2)O(3):Sm2+ conversion phosphor particles. By co-dopping the red alpha-SrO center dot 3B(2)O(3):Sm2+ phosphor to the phosphor layer with using the Light Tool software, the CCT-D, CRI and LO of the 8500 K RP-WLEDs is investigated. Moreover, the effect of the red phosphor on the scattering process in the phosphor layer is analyzed by Mat Lab software based on the Mie Theory. The results show that the optical properties of the 8500K RP-LEDs are significantly affected by the size of the red phosphor particles. It can be lead to the novel recommendation for improving the color quality of the RP-LEDs.