Improving luminous flux and color homogeneity of dual-layer phosphor sctructure


Tran T.T., Phan X.L., Nguyen D.Q.A.

Source title

Telkomnika (Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control)

Publication year

In order to clarify the main purpose of the study, we put a green phosphor layer SrBaSiO4:Eu2+ on the yellow phosphorus layer YAG:Ce3+ through using only one WLEDs structure in different color temperatures like 5600 K, 6600 K, 7700 K. Then, we find the suitable SrBaSiO4:Eu2+ concentration in order that the luminous flux could get the highest value. The results show that SrBaSiO4:Eu2+ brings great benefits to increase not only optical gain but also color uniformity. Specifically, the greater the SrBaSiO4:Eu2+ concentration, the greater the output of WLEDs because of the development of green light component in WLEDs. However, only if the SrBaSiO4:Eu2+ concentration exceeds the level, a slight decrease in color rendering index (CRI) can occur, which based on Monte Carlo simulation. In addition, the results of this paper have contributed significantly to the creation of higher-powered WLEDs.