Half-duplex energy harvesting relay network over different fading environment: System performance with effect of hardware impairment


Ha D.-H., Dong S.T.C., Nguyen T.N., Trang T.T., Voznak M.

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Applied Sciences (Switzerland)

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In this paper, we introduce a half-duplex (HD) energy harvesting (EH) relay network over the different fading environment with the effect of hardware impairment (HI). The model system was investigated with the amplify-and-forward (AF) and the power splitting (PS) protocols. The system performance analysis in term of the outage probability (OP), achievable throughput (AT), and bit error rate (BER) were demonstrated with the closed-form expressions. In addition, the power splitting (PS) factor was investigated. We verified the analytical analysis by Monte Carlo simulation with all primary parameters. From the results, we can state that the analytical and simulation results match well with each other.