A Giga-stable oscillator with hidden and self-excited attractors: A megastable oscillator forced by his twin


Vo T.P., Shaverdi Y., Khalaf A.M., Alsaadi F.E., Hayat T., Pham V.-T.

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In this paper, inspired by a newly proposed two-dimensional nonlinear oscillator with an infinite number of coexisting attractors, a modified nonlinear oscillator is proposed. The original system has an exciting feature of having layer–layer coexisting attractors. One of these attractors is self-excited while the rest are hidden. By forcing this system with its twin, a new four-dimensional nonlinear system is obtained which has an infinite number of coexisting torus attractors, strange attractors, and limit cycle attractors. The entropy, energy, and homogeneity of attractors’ images and their basin of attractions are calculated and reported, which showed an increase in the complexity of attractors when changing the bifurcation parameters.