Finding solutions for optimal reactive power dispatch problem by a novel improved antlion optimization algorithm


Li Z., Cao Y., Van Dai L., Yang X., Nguyen T.T.

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In this paper, a novel improved Antlion optimization algorithm (IALO) has been proposed for solving three different IEEE power systems of optimal reactive power dispatch (ORPD) problem. Such three power systems with a set of constraints in transmission power networks such as voltage limitation of all buses, limitations of tap of all transformers, maximum power transmission limitation of all conductors and limitations of all capacitor banks have given a big challenge for global optimal solution search ability of the proposed method. The proposed IALO method has been developed by modifying new solution generation technique of standard antlion optimization algorithm (ALO). By optimizing three single objective functions of systems with 30, 57 and 118 buses, the proposed method has been demonstrated to be more effective than ALO in terms of the most optimal solution search ability, solution search speed and search stabilization. In addition, the proposed method has also been compared to other existing methods and it has obtained better results than approximately all compared ones. Consequently, the proposed IALO method is deserving of a potential optimization tool for solving ORPD problem and other optimization problems in power system optimization fields.