Exploiting secure performance in power domain–based multiple access: Impacts of relay link/direct link and secure analysis


Do D.-T., Nguyen M.-S.V., Hoang T.-A.

Source title

International Journal of Communication Systems

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A new design of secure nonorthogonal multiple access (NOMA) deployed together with cooperative relaying network is investigated in two modes including direct link and relay link. This paper proposes a mathematical analysis under secrecy considerations of a downlink two-user NOMA systems. In particular, physical layer security of NOMA is studied in two specific metrics to achieve secure performance analysis such as the secrecy outage probability (SOP) and probability of strictly positive secrecy capacity (SPSC). It should be further explored the situation as the illegal user which is assumed to be eavesdropper at the information level, it attempts to decode the information intended to legal users while NOMA scheme is employed for legal users. The transmission techniques of NOMA equipping relaying architecture (dual-hop transmission) have proposed due to improving the spectrum efficiency greatly compared with the traditional single-hop networks. Finally, this study shows the advantages of NOMA over the traditional orthogonal multiple access in the studied problems analytically and numerical analysis is further provided. As important achievement, new exact and closed-form expressions of the SOP and SPSC are derived, and they will be confirmed by simulation, ie, Monte Carlo simulations are performed to verify the proposed analytical results. Ultimately, the effects of some critical factors are studied on secure performance through these simulation results.