Exploiting Joint Base Station Equipped Multiple Antenna and Full-Duplex D2D Users in Power Domain Division Based Multiple Access Networks


Do D.-T., Van Nguyen M.-S., Hoang T.-A., Lee B.M.

Source title

Sensors (Basel, Switzerland)

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In this paper, we investigate power domain division-based multiple access (PDMA) to support the base stations (BS) equipped with multiple antennas to serve mobile users. Such a system deploys multiple input single output (MISO)-based wireless transmission and a full-duplex (FD) scheme. Furthermore, such MISO PDMA system consists of BS employing transmit antenna selection to reduce complexity in signal processing at the receivers. We distinguish two kinds of mobile users, device-to-device (D2D) users and traditional users. In such MISO PDMA, there exists a trade-off between outage performance of each PDMA user and power allocation factors. Since the implementation of the FD scheme at PDMA users, bandwidth efficiency will be enhanced despite the existence of self-interference related to such FD. In particular, exact expressions of outage probability are derived to exhibit system performance with respect to D2D users. Finally, valuable results from the simulated parameters together with the analytical results show that MISO PDMA can improve its performance by increasing the number of transmit antennas at the BS.