Entropy analysis and neural network-based adaptive control of a non-equilibrium four-dimensional chaotic system with hidden attractors


Jahanshahi H., Shahriari-Kahkeshi M., Alcaraz R., Wang X., Singh V.P., Pham V.-T.

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Today, four-dimensional chaotic systems are attracting considerable attention because of their special characteristics. This paper presents a non-equilibrium four-dimensional chaotic system with hidden attractors and investigates its dynamical behavior using a bifurcation diagram, as well as three well-known entropy measures, such as approximate entropy, sample entropy, and Fuzzy entropy. In order to stabilize the proposed chaotic system, an adaptive radial-basis function neural network (RBF-NN)–based control method is proposed to represent the model of the uncertain nonlinear dynamics of the system. The Lyapunov direct method-based stability analysis of the proposed approach guarantees that all of the closed-loop signals are semi-globally uniformly ultimately bounded. Also, adaptive learning laws are proposed to tune the weight coefficients of the RBF-NN. The proposed adaptive control approach requires neither the prior information about the uncertain dynamics nor the parameters value of the considered system. Results of simulation validate the performance of the proposed control method.