An Efficient Carrier-Based Modulation Strategy for Five-Leg Indirect Matrix Converters to Drive Open-End Loads with Zero Common-Mode Voltage


Huynh V.V., Nguyen T.D., Dao V.-T., Tran Q.-H.

Source title

Electric Power Components and Systems

Publication year

This paper presents an efficient carrier-based modulation (CBM) strategy for a five-leg indirect matrix converter (IMC) to drive a three-phase open-end load (OEL) with approximate zero common-mode voltage (CMV) across the load phase. The operating principle of the five-leg IMC fed three-phase OEL is firstly analyzed to select suitable switching states that do not generate any CMV across the load phase. Then, the CBM strategy is developed to control the five-leg IMC in order to overcome the complexity of conventional space vector modulation strategies. Consequently, the gating signals are generated by the comparison of a high-frequency carrier signal with corresponding modulation signals without the computational burden and lookup-table technique. Also, the scheme of five-leg IMC fed OEL can decrease the numbers of power switches as well as acquire advanced features such as higher voltage transfer ratio and better output voltage quality with the three-level waveform. Simulation and experimental results are provided to validate the proposed CBM strategy.