An efficient beam element based on Quasi-3D theory for static bending analysis of functionally graded beams


Nguyen H.N., Hong T.T., Van Vinh P., Van Thom D.

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In this paper, a 2-node beam element is developed based on Quasi-3D beam theory and mixed formulation for static bending of functionally graded (FG) beams. The transverse shear strains and stresses of the proposed beam element are parabolic distributions through the thickness of the beam and the transverse shear stresses on the top and bottom surfaces of the beam vanish. The proposed beam element is free of shear-looking without selective or reduced integration. The material properties of the functionally graded beam are assumed to vary according to the power-law index of the volume fraction of the constituents through the thickness of the beam. The numerical results of this study are compared with published results to illustrate the accuracy and convenience rate of the new beam element. The influence of some parametrics on the bending behavior of FGM beams is investigated.