Effect of intra-layer connection on the synchronization of a multi-layer cell network


Shaverdi Y., Panahi S., Kapitaniak T., Jafari S.

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European Physical Journal: Special Topics

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Investigating biological systems from the viewpoint of complex systems has attracted noticeable attention during the last decades. In this paper biochemical cell cycle is investigated. Cell cycle process is controlled by the complex network of different interacting proteins. However, the study of a cell cycle in a network has been less considered. This research is focused on the embryonic cell cycle model and investigates the effect of adding an extra duplicate layer to a single-layer network when the connections are sparse and when they are dense. We have found that the synchronization time in a two-layer network in comparison with a single-layer network highly depends on the topology of the single layer and it is very different in sparse and dense cases. In other words, adding an extra layer to a single-layer sparse network helps the synchronization to occur whereas the effect of adding an =1.8pt plus 1pt minus 1ptextra layer to a fully connected network interrupts the synchronization.