Determination of optimal location and sizing of solar photovoltaic distribution generation units in radial distribution systems


Duong M.Q., Pham T.D., Nguyen T.T., Doan A.T., Van Tran H.

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This paper presents an effective biogeography-based optimization (BBO) for optimal location and sizing of solar photovoltaic distributed generation (PVDG) units to reduce power losses while maintaining voltage profile and voltage harmonic distortion at the limits. This applied algorithm was motivated by biogeography, that the study of the distribution of biological species through time and space. This technique is able to expand the searching space and retain good solution group at each generation. Therefore, the applied method can significantly improve performance. The effectiveness of the applied algorithm is validated by testing it on IEEE 33-bus and IEEE 69-bus radial distribution systems. The obtained results are compared with the genetic algorithm (GA), the particle swarm optimization algorithm (PSO) and the artificial bee colony algorithm (ABC). As a result, the applied algorithm offers better solution quality and accuracy with faster convergence.