Chaotic dynamics of a fractional order glucose-insulin regulatory system


Rajagopal K., Bayani A., Jafari S., Karthikeyan A., Hussain I.

Source title

Frontiers of Information Technology and Electronic Engineering

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The fractional order model of a glucose-insulin regulatory system is derived and presented. It has been extensively proved in the literature that fractional order analysis of complex systems can reveal interesting and unexplored features of the system. In our investigations we have revealed that the glucose-insulin regulatory system shows multistability and antimonotonicity in its fractional order form. To show the effectiveness of fractional order analysis, all numerical investigations like stability of the equilibrium points, Lyapunov exponents, and bifurcation plots are derived. Various biological disorders caused by an unregulated glucose-insulin system are studied in detail. This may help better understand the regulatory system.