PI-Based Fuzzy Speed Controller with PWM Direct Torque Control for Induction Motor Drive


Vo H.H., Brandstetter P., Kuchar M., Dong C.S.T., Tran T.C., Vo D.H.

Source title

Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering

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The paper describes a fuzzy speed controller with direct torque control for induction motor drive. Classical PI speed controller with fixed proportional and integral coefficients is not appropriate for exact motor speed regulation in a wide range of reference speed. Fuzzy logic, one of simplest soft computing techniques, can make PI controllers more flexible. In the paper, a simple fuzzy algorithm is proposed for online update coefficients of PI speed controller. The use of a pulse-width modulator in the direct torque control structure is to ensure the constant switching frequency. The control structures of the induction motor drive are implemented into a control system with digital signal processor. Experimental results confirm that speed controller with proposed fuzzy algorithm gives response of actual motor speed with lower overshoot, shorter settling time, and smaller speed accuracy than classical speed controller does.