TiO2, SiO2, CaF2, and CaCO3: The influence of particles' concentration on luminous efficiency of the conformal geometry MCW-LEDs


Vu L.A., Minh T.H.Q., Nam T.T.

Source title

International Journal of Automation and Smart Technology

Publication year

In this research, the influence of scattering enhancement particle TiO2, SiO2, CaF2, and CaCO3 concentration, which adds to the YAG:Ce phosphor compounding, on the luminous efficiency of multichip white LEDs (MCW-LEDs) was proposed and analyzed. Firstly, the physical model of MCW-LEDs is simulated and demonstrated by using commercial LightTools 8.4 program. After that, the effect of scattering enhancement particles on the luminous efficiency is calculated and analyzed. Then, the luminous output of the 8500K W-LEDs are demonstrated convincingly by the Monte Carlo simulation and the Mie-scattering theory. The simulation results indicated that the highest luminous output could be accomplished with CaCO3 particles. The results and discussion provided a prospective approach for higher-quality manufacturing W-LEDs in the near future.