Performance of Time Switching Based Energy Harvesting for Amplify-and-Forward Half-Duplex Relaying with Hardware Impairment


Tan N. Nguyen, Phuong T. Tran, *Miroslav Voznak, and *Ladislav Behan

Source title

27th International Conference on Radioelektronika

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In this paper, we derive the formulas for outage probability and system throughput of an amplify-and-forward half-duplex relay network, in which the relay node is equipped with time switching based energy harvesting capability. It can be learnt from the analysis that the throughput performance of the system of interest is maximized only at an appropriate choice of the time-switching factor. This optimal value can be found by numerical algorithm. The analysis also clarifies the effect of other parameters such as transmitted-power-to-noise ratio and the data rate, to the system performance. All these above results are confirmed by Monte-Carlo simulation.