Performance analysis with wireless power transfer constraint policies in full-duplex relaying networks


Nguyen H.-S., Voznak M., Nguyen M.-T., Sevcik L.

Source title

Elektronika ir Elektrotechnika

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In practice, full-duplex (FD) transmission mode not only helps extend the coverage but also lengthen network lifetime. In this paper, we develop wireless power supply policies, namely separated power (SP) and harvested power (HP) to propose a flexible architecture at the relay node in FD decode-and-forward (DF) relaying networks considering time switching-based relaying protocol (TSR) to achieve optimal time used for a communication process. This transmission mode requires more processing procedure at the relay, i.e. antenna installations and radio frequency (RF) self-interference cancellation. We evaluate the optimal power constraints in case of SP and HP to achieve better power consumption efficiency at the relay node. More importantly, closed-form expressions for outage probability and throughput are provided, and we also use numerical and simulation results to compare SP with HP.