Optimal throughput of time power switching relaying protocol with imperfect channel state information


Nguyen H.-S., Do D.-T., Thi A.-H.B., Voznak M.

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Communication, Management and Information Technology - Proceedings of the International Conference on Communication, Management and Information Technology, ICCMIT 2016

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There are a lot of analysis on Wireless Powered Communication Networks (WPCN) that has become research tendency for 5th generation networks. It helps wireless devices to enhance battery life and reliability. In this paper, we illustrate two transmission modes that are delay-tolerant and delay-limited which look after two functions of wireless data and power transfer. We also depict the optimal tradeoff into minimum outage probability or maximum throughput that is produced by an energy harvesting plan. However, the change of energy harvesting can remarkably rely on the correctness of the channel estimation algorithm that is used for data and energy transfer. In addition, we present the throughput and outage probability during a WPCN. Finally, this paper analyzes the Time Power Switching Relaying (TPSR) schemes performance of the dedication of power sources that the ergodic capacity and delay-limited capacity might be maximized. The results in numerical analysis show the accuracy of the derivative of expressions, giving the design insights into WPCNs and depicts the importance of optimal throughput during a huge amount of channel estimation error.