Optimal power allocation and throughput performance of full-duplex DF relaying networks with wireless power transfer-aware channel


Xuan-Xinh Nguyen and Dinh-Thuan Do

Source title

EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking

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In terms of modern applications of wireless sensor networks in smart cities, relay terminals can be employed to simultaneously deliver both information and energy to a designated receiver by harvesting power via radio frequency (RF). In this paper, we propose time switching aware channel (TSAC) protocol and consider a dual-hop full-duplex (FD) relaying system, where the energy constrained relay node is powered by RF signals from the source using decodeand-forward (DF) relaying protocols. In order to evaluate system performance, we provide an analytical expression of the achievable throughput of two different communication modes, including instantaneous transmission and delayconstrained transmission. In addition, the optimal harvested power allocation policies are studied for these transmission modes. Most importantly, we propose a novel energy harvesting (EH) policy based on FD relaying which can substantially boost the system throughput compared to the conventional half-duplex (HD) relaying architecture in other transmission modes. Numerical results illustrate that our proposed protocol outperforms the conventional protocol under the optimal received power for energy harvesting at relay. Our numerical findings verify the correctness of our derivations and also prove the importance of FD transmission mode.