New solutions to modify the differential evolution method for multi-objective load dispatch problem considering quadratic fuel cost function


Dinh B.H., Nguyen T.T.

Source title

Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering

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This paper proposes a Modified Differential Evolution (MDE) method to solve a multi-objective load dispatch (MOLD) problem where generators’ fuel cost and emission are minimized with the power balance and power loss constraints. MDE is an improved version of conventional Differential Evolution (CDE) in which the mutation operation of the CDE is improved by using five differential solutions instead of three ones of CDE. In the MOLD problem, multi-objective dispatch are carried out by considering fuel cost function, emission function and both fuel cost and emission functions where a price penalty factor is employed to determine the best compromise solution. The performance of MDE is verified by doing simulation on two systems, three units and six units, respectively. The results of the MDE method compared to those of CDE and other meta-heuristic algorithms, proved that the MDE is a promising algorithm for solving the MOLD problem.