Multi-objective electric distribution network reconfiguration solution using runner-root algorithm


Nguyen T.T., Nguyen T.T., Truong A.V., Nguyen Q.T., Phung T.A.

Source title

Applied Soft Computing Journal

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This paper presents a runner-root algorithm (RRA) for electric distribution network reconfiguration (NR) problem. The considered NR problem in this paper is to minimize real power loss, load balancing among the branches, load balancing among the feeders as well as number of switching operations and node voltage deviation using max-min method for selection of the final compromised solution. RRA is equipped with two explorative tools, which are random jumps with large steps and re-initialization strategy to escape from local optimal. Moreover, RRA is also equipped with an exploitative tool to search around the current best solution with large and small steps to ensure the obtained result of global optimization. The effectiveness of the applied RRA in both single- and multi-objective has been tested on 33-node and 70-node distribution network systems and the obtained test results have been compared to those from other methods in the literature. The simulation results show that the applied RRA can be an efficient method for network reconfiguration problems with single- and multi-objective.