Maximum harvested energy policy in full-duplex relaying networks with SWIPT


Nguyen X.-X., Do D.-T.

Source title

International Journal of Communication Systems

Publication year

It is considered that energy scavenging is a promising way for source node transfer energy to powered constraint relay in cooperative networks with advantage of cost-effective maintenance and flexible deployment, which so-called simultaneous wireless information and power transfer. In this paper, relay selection for optimal wireless energy is investigated. In terms of time switching–based relaying, this paper considers the performance comparison of 3 proposed relay selection schemes, namely, (1) optimal relay selection scheme, (2) maximum harvested energy relay selection scheme, and (3) minimum self-interference relay selection. In particular, the system performance is studied intensively with regard to outage probability and throughput over Rayleigh fading channels. We also achieve the integral form for accurate expressions and closed form for approximate expressions. Finally, these analytical expressions are proved exactness according to Monte Carlo simulation.