Influence of green phosphor Ce0.67Tb0.33MgAl11O19:Ce,Tb on the luminescent properties and correlated color temperature deviation of multi-chip white leds


Bao N.Q., Minh T.H.Q., Quang D.V., Anh N.D.Q., Thao N.T.P.

Source title

Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering

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The optical performance of multi-chip white (MCW) LEDs could be enhanced by adding green phosphor Ce0.67Tb0.33MgAl11O19: Ce,Tb into the phosphor layer. The performed simulations demonstrate the benefits of merging yellow phosphor Y3Al5O12:Ce3+ with green phosphors on the luminous flux output and the correlated color temperature consistency. In spite of the fact that CRI figures decrease, the solid increments in lumen output show possibilities of improving LED lighting applications using the green phosphor Ce0.67Tb0.33MgAl11O19: Ce,Tb in the future.