Improving the angular color uniformity and the lumen output for white led lamps by green Ce0.67Tb0.33MgAl11O19:Ce,Tb phosphor


Minh T.H.Q., Nhan N.H.K., Thao N.T.P.

Source title

Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering

Publication year

In this study, an innovative method for improving the lighting performance of multi-chip white LED lamps (MCW-LEDs) is proposed and demonstrated. By adding the green Ce0.67Tb0.33MgAl11O19: Ce,Tb (CeTb) phosphor to the phosphor layer of MCW-LEDs, the quality of emitting light can be enhanced and optimized. Furthermore, the influences of CeTb percentage concentration on the LEDs display are also investigated. The simulation results demonstrated that the lumen output and the angular color uniformity (ACU) of the conformal package MCW-LEDs having average CCTs of 7000 K and 8500 K can be enhanced significantly by green CeTb phosphor. Furthermore, by using Mie theory the simulation results could be proved and convinced thoroughly. This study shows that the green Ce0.67Tb0.33MgAl11O19: Ce,Tb (CeTb) phosphor is the prospective solution for improving optical quality of MCW-LEDs manufacturer.