Green-emitting (La, Ce, Tb)PO4:Ce:Tb phosphor: A novel solution for an increase in color homogeneity of white LEDs


Doan Quoc Anh N., Thi Phuong Thao N., Voznak M.

Source title

2017 6th International Symposium on Next Generation Electronics, ISNE 2017

Publication year

We present the influence of green-emitting (La,Ce,Tb)PO4:Ce:Tb phosphor (LaTb) on the performance of the multi-chip white LED (MCW-LEDs) lamps including color homogeneity (CH) and color rendering index (CRI). By mixing the LaTb green phosphor and the YAG: Ce yellow phosphor compounding in a 7000 K MCW-LEDs, this new approach can produce a huge meaningful change in the CRI and the angular color distribution of MCW-LEDs. We also study the interaction between the concentration and size of the LaTb particles with CH, CRI. The obtained results demonstrate that higher CH could be attained by adding the LaTb particles.