Distributed flocking control of mobile robots by bounded feedback


Nguyen T., Han T.-T., La H.M.

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54th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing, Allerton 2016

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Flocking control of multiple agents with theirpoint-mass models has been extensively studied. However,flocking control of mobile robots with full dynamic modelsis challenging research due to nonhonolomic nature. Thispaper presents a novel approach to distributed flocking controlof nonholonomic mobile robots by bounded feedback. Theflocking control objectives include velocity consensus, collisionavoidance, and cohesion maintenance among mobile robots. Aflocking protocol which is based on the neighborhood information of mobile robots is constructed by means of control design.A Lyapunov-like function and graph theory are employedfor convergence analysis. Simulation results are presented toillustrate the effectiveness of the proposed distributed flockingcontrol scheme.