Learning outcomes 2020 - Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering - Standard program

  1. Major in: Mechatronics Engineering                 Code: 7520114
  2. Level: Undergraduate                                           Mode of study: Full-time
  3. Degree: Engineering
  4. Training duration: 4.5 years
  5. Expected learning outcomes - ELOs
    1. Knowledge:

Graduates from the program are able to demonstrate:

  • Practical knowledge and insightful and advanced theories, master the basic principles and concepts in all research areas related to the field of studying.
  • Interdisciplinary knowledge that related to the field of studying.
  • General knowledge on management.
    1. Skills
  • Have analytical and synthetic skills, can evaluate the data and information in order to propose scientific solutions to problems;
  • Have management skill and can manage advance career activities.
  • Demonstrate research and development skills and can apply the technologies creatively both in academia and in industry.
  • Have ability to convey the knowledge from research and discuss the specialized problems with colleagues and other experts.
  • Get the English certificate of IELTS 5.5 or equivalence.
    1. Responsibility
  • Research and propose important ideas.
  • Can adapt to the working environment, can direct and advise others.
  • Can provide expert conclusion to the topics related to the field of studying.
  • Can manage, evaluate, and improve the specialized activities.