Welcome to new students of class 23 of Faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineering in the academic year 2019-2020

With purpose of welcoming students of class 23 as well as informing some necessary information for studying at the university and sharing the university learning methods. In the afternoon of 28thof August, 2019, at Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) – Tan Phong campus, the Faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (FEEE) organized the meeting with attendance of the chairman board, majority of the lecturers, representatives from some students of previous class and numerous students of class 23 of the faculty. 

At the beginning, representatives of the faculty’s chairman board – Dr. Dong Si Thien Chau represented to warmly greet all the new students of class 23, introducing to the students the major activities of the FacultyIt is followed by a detailed introduction about the strengths of each undergraduate program such as career opportunities, international integration, the core content of the program, how to study; The main content of the school's general rules and regulations was disseminated. After the introduction of academic activities for students held annually by the Faculty through competitions such as micromouse, robotics, circuit design, intelligent control solutions, IoT Startup is the awarding section for students, former classmates who won the award in the last school year. Not only that, the useful and necessary information of learning methods in university, time management and experiences of students from previous classes also were shared with new students.

The meeting is not only a chance for the new students to make acquaintance with the previous class’s students and the lecturers of the faculty but also an opportunity to be answered questions in learning process and to help new students have a better view about their major, learn how to adapt with educational environment in university.

Some pictures at the meeting:

Exciting atmosphere in the meeting
Dr. Dong Si Thien Chau showed the greeting’ speech to new students
Mr. Le Duc Thinh advises and shares learning experiences for new students
 Students actively participated in asking questions related to the academic
The meeting ended with lots of useful information