Welcome to the 26th anniversary of the Faculty's establishment and business and alumni seminars

On the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the establishment of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (FEEE) (24/9/1997 – 24/9/2023) as well as creating a meeting and exchange space between lecturers and officials of the faculty with businesses and alumni. On September 30, 2023, the FEEE organized a program to celebrate the 26th anniversary of the Faculty's establishment and a seminar for businesses and alumni to summarize the achievements of the Faculty, strengthen relationships, and improve quality in training.

           Attending the program, on the Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) side, there was the presence of Dr. Dong Si Thien Chau - Vice President of TDTU, Dr. Nguyen Huu Khanh Nhan - Head of DEMASTED, Dr. Tran Thanh Phuong - Vice Dean in Charge of the FEEE, Dr. Huynh Van Van - Vice Dean of the Faculty along with 21 businesses, alumni and students of the FEEE. First words, Dr. Tran Thanh Phuong summarized the support activities and contributions of businesses for students and promoted the alumni liaison committee activities and cooperation activities focusing on the Faculty's professional content.

           Following the program, Dr. Tran Thanh Phuong – a representative of the Faculty FEEE signed a cooperation agreement with businesses to create a growing and stronger business cooperation network. In the ceremony program, the signed businesses include Latent Future Opportunity (LFO), VK Energy, ESUHAI Co., Ltd., LIN KA Service Co., Ltd., AMAZEN Co., Ltd., East Sea Automatic Technology Company Limited (ESTEC), and EOH Co., Ltd. In addition, ESTEC company provided 3 Demo sets of Siemens S7-1200 control programming devices worth 60 million VND to the Faculty FEEE to serve teaching and research activities for lecturers and students. EOH Company provided 1,500 Era accounts to use for 4 years worth 5,100,000,000 (Five billion one hundred million VND) to the Faculty FEEE. Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam Company also provided 56 million VND for the cost of organizing and participating in the MECA 2024 competition.

           After the signing, Mr. Huynh Van Van introduced the Faculty's training program from the curriculum, training diagram, and number of credits to scholarship policy. Next is a business discussion with business and company representatives to introduce the field and potential as well as share valuable experiences and promise to cooperate with lecturers and students of the Faculty. After that, the Faculty organized a survey of the Faculty training program with businesses and alumni to collect suggestions to help improve training quality. In the comments, former student K17 of Electrical Engineering: Truong Chi Trung shared that "Students can graduate with English certificates such as IELTS 5.0, 5.5, which is quite suitable for the labor market. However, English certificates only help graduating students communicate well. As for specialized electrical terms, the English certification exam above does not mention much. Therefore, I propose that the Faculty establish and promote the activities of the English Club of the Electrical and Electronics with many topics related to English specialized in electricity."

           At the end of the program, the FEEE considered awarding 9 scholarships from the "Chap Canh Den Truong" Scholarship Fund contributed by businesses, lecturers in the Faculty, and alumni. Each worth 2 million VND was awarded the students including Le Hai Dang, Vuong Duc Tri, Vo Van Ven, Phan Thi Minh Man, Nguyen Le Phuong Uyen, Le Tuyet Nhi, Vo Thi Uyen Nhi, Dinh Cong Anh, and Nguyen Thanh Tai. The program ended with great success.

          Below are photos from the program:

Overview of the ceremony
The signing of the cooperation between ESUHAI Co., Ltd. and the FEEE.
The signing of the cooperation, sponsor between the FEEE and EOH Co., Ltd
The signing of the cooperation, sponsor between ESTEC Co., Ltd. and the FEEE
The scholarship award ceremony for students from the businesses and alumni, and lecturers of the FEEE
Business, lecturers, and staff from the FEEE took a commenmorative photo