Student football match award - FEEE Cup

From July 20, 2022 to August 4, 2022, the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of Ton Duc Thang University successfully organized a student football tournament. It. was not only a healthy playground but also contributed to promoting the movement of sports training and health training for students.

           The tournament took place at the stadium of Ton Duc Thang University, attracting several students to participate. Students from each class would form a group to compete with each other so that the jury could choose the best class groups with good solidarity and several awards for individuals. After going through the matches, the organizers decided that the first and the second prize belonged to class 19040301 and class 19040201, respectively. Next, class 20040303 and 21040401 won the third and fourth prizes in turn. Besides, Ngo Gia Huy from class 19040201 excellently won the top scorer award.

           After the tournament, the students had more new experiences and tightened the solidarity among class members. In addition, this was also a perfect chance for students to show their talents and entertain themselves after classes.

           Some pictures from the tournament:

Teams participating in the tournament
The matches were extremely intense.
The goalkeeper's perfect pitch.
The tournament closes with fun and new experiences