Seminar of sharing experiences and application of AutoCAD software in the field of electrical building design

            On the afternoon of April 23rd, 2022, Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (FEEE) under Ton Duc Thang University held an online seminar via Google Meet with the topic: "Sharing experiences, applying AutoCAD software to the field of electrical design works."

            The seminar took place with the participation of experts in the field of electrical engineering design, including Eng. Hoang Anh Tai and Eng. Bui Duc Huy. On behalf of Faculty, there was the participation of MSc. Phan Thanh Tai with students from FEEE. At the beginning of the seminar, Eng. Bui Duc Huy introduced an overview and applications of AutoCAD software in electromechanical and electrical engineering works such as volume separation, construction estimation, and drawing implementation. Next, not only did the experts share more about their own experiences but also supported answering questions from students about using AutoCAD software to design electrical projects in the practical construction.

            At the end of the seminar, the students understood the knowledge applied to AutoCAD software in electrical engineering design. Simultaneously, it stimulated creativity and aroused students' passion by leaning the application of knowledge into practice.

Some images of the seminar:

Workshop on sharing experiences and applying AutoCAD software
Eng. Bui Duc Huy introduces the application of AutoCAD software
in the field of electrical engineering design
Ms. Phan Thanh Tai and the students took souvenir photos with the experts