Seminar of “Research directions on new-generation radio networks" by Prof. Miroslav Voznak

In the afternoon of May 19th, 2022 at the meeting room C, Faculty of Electrical - Electronics engineering (FEEE) of Ton Duc Thang University took place the event with Prof. Miroslav Voznak who presented a seminar on the topic "Research directions on new-generation radio networks". The seminar attracted a lot of attention from the lecturers of the FEEE and students in the field of electronics and telecommunications.

           During the seminar, Prof. Miroslav Voznak presented about quantum cryptography and the standardization of quantum cryptography. GS. Miroslav Voznak has conducted experiments and simulated quantum key distribution networks. Through the obtained results, research directions on new-generation radio networks are evaluated in detail. In addition, Prof. Miroslav Voznak also presented in detail about the 5G campus networks in Ostrava, the practical implementation of quantum key distribution, etc.

          Through the seminar, the students learned more useful knowledge in the field of radio network. This is a very useful seminar for the students. Hence, the leadership of the FEEE will continue to organize in the future.

Here are some pictures from the seminar:

Prof. Miroslav Voznak presented the contents of the seminar
Dr. Tran Thanh Phuong with Prof. Miroslav Voznak discussed about the contents of topic
GS. Miroslav Voznak took a photo with lecturers and students of the FEEE