Seminar of “FMCW/FMICW radars” presented by Dr. Lubos Rejfek (University of Pardubice - Czech Republic)

On 2nd October 2018, at the conference room C, Tan Phong campus, Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (FEEE), Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) organized a seminar, titled “ FMCW/FMICW radars”, presented by Dr. Lubos Rejfek (University of Pardubice - Czech Republic). Dr Lubos Rejfek is an expert in radar technology, telecommunications and signal processing. He is currently cooperating with FEEE in research and publication in the related fields. The seminar gathered many lecturers of FEEE and researchers of TDTU as well as students interesting in radar technology.

In the seminar, Dr. Lubos Rejfek had presented the principles and applications of radar technology in general and the techniques in radar data processing such as FMCW and FMICW in particular. The target of the research is to determine the distance of the objects far away using radar technology without mistaking from background signals such as mountain. By using FMCW and FMICW techniques in data processing, Dr. Lubos Rejfek was able to estimate the distance of objects in the conditions including strong signals, weak signals and false signals. The research can be applied for detecting objects from long distance with low-cost system and high accuracy.

Some images taken from the seminar: 


Overview of the seminar 


Dr. Lubos Rejfek presented the FMCW/FMICW data processing


Discussion between Dr. Lubos Rejfek and FEEE lecturers


Photo of Dr. Lubos Rejfek and lecturers - students of FEEE