Seminar on “Digital image processing system and its application on mobile platforms”

On the afternoon of January 7th, 2020, at the meeting room F703, the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Ton Duc Thang University held a seminar on “Mobile digital image processing system”. The subject was presented by two Dutch students were Kendrick Stadt and Jan Dirk Stulp. Besides the presence of Dr. Nguyen Hoang Nam, there were many students of the Faculty took part in. 

In this seminar, theDutch students presented very detailed of problems, solutions, algorithm as well as researching results of mentioned subject. Student Jan Dirk Stulptalked about technique of combining tiny pixels and processing them by algorithms, we come to a result of images with best clarity. Thereby improving the accuracy of identifying objects after the process completed. Student Kenrick Stadtintroduced algorithms that related to the system, conclusions on the research. Not only that, he also recommended this system for many fields such as Marco images, detecting potential cancers etc.

The research would be extremely practical for future identification technology. With given interesting information, Kendrick Stadt and Jan Dirk Stulp received many discussion questions from the participated students. Dr. Nguyen Hoang Nam had lots of compliments and appreciation for the detailed presentation of the Dutch students. The seminar ended with useful information for the students and next steps for research subject of Kendrick Stadt and Jan Dirk Stulp. 

Some photos of the seminar:

From left to right: Jan Dirk Stulp, Dr. Nguyen Hoang Nam and Kenrick Stadt
Jan Dirk Stulptalking about the problem for the system to solve
Kenrick Stadtgiving final notes of the presentation to the audiences
The students asking Kenrick Stadt andJan Dirk Stulpabout the image processing system 
The seminar came to the end successfully with discussion, compliments from the participants, PhD. Nguyen Hoang Nam for Kenrick Stadt and Jan Dirk Stulp