Seminar on "Communication skills - Effective interviewing"

On the afternoon of May 24th, 2022, the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of Ton Duc Thang University cooperated with Phuong Nam Telecom Company to organize a seminar called "Communication skills - Effective interviewing" in room A0403.

           The seminar had the presence of experts from Phuong Nam Telecom Company, lecturers majoring in Electrical Engineering, and more than eighty students from the Faculty. At the beginning of the seminar, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Thao Vy (MSc. of Psychology) shared her practical working experience in the corporate environment to assist students with more specific orientation after graduation, including professional skills, foreign languages, soft skills, etc. Next, there were many activities such as teamwork, and simulation of a factual interview with attractive gifts sponsored by Phuong Nam Telecom Company. Then, speakers had a share of helpful and practical knowledge on CV writing skills, with the desire to promote training activities in the University associated with the reality of the labor market, thereby contributing to providing high-quality human resources for businesses and society.

          At the end of the seminar, students learned many lessons to improve themselves and understand how to prepare carefully and confidently when conquering employers. Besides, it helped students boost their spirit in applying the experience and knowledge learned in life or at work.

          Some pictures from the seminar:

Sharing experiences on Communication skills – Effective interviewing
The seminar attracted numerous students’ enthusiastic participation.
Group activities for students.
Representatives of the Faculty, company Phuong Nam Telecom and students took souvenir photos at the program