The second dialogue with students of Electrical & Electronics Engineering Faculty in the first semester of academic year 2019 -2020

In the afternoon of September 25th, 2018, at room C411, Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (FEEE), Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) organized the second dialogue with students in the first semester of academic year 2019-2020. The dialogue has the presence of the faculty chairman board, representatives of graduate studies school, and all the lecturers together with 500 students of FEEE.

At the dialogue, students were disseminated useful contents about the school’s and faculty’s regulations, register of study plan as well as English learning method. Especially, the students were also informed about graduate training program 4+1 with convenient conditions in order to support students wishing to get master’s degree. In addition, the faculty chairman board shared the outside issues about life skills and answered some questions of students.

The dialogue with the students aims to help the faculty able to grasp the actual situation, listen to the problems that students are encountered and their desires. Thereby, the dialogue provides effective solutions and contributes to improving education quality.

Some pictures at the dialogue:

The meeting was attracted attention from students
Academic student staff Mr Le Duc Thinh who is answering questions of students
Students were informed about graduate training program
The dialogue was closed with amazing questions from students