Renewable energy seminar “Water Vapor Recovery by using Membrane Process” with Institute of Energy Research from Korea

In the afternoon of December 6, 2019, at meeting room C, Tan Phong campus, Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) and the Korea Energy Research Institute successfully organized the renewable energy seminar use steam through smart membrane technology”. Attending the seminar were Dr. Hyung-Keun Lee, PhD students of the Korea Energy Research Institute, on the side of TDTU, there were officials, lecturers and leaders of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, along with many students.

At the seminar, the history of formation and development of membrane technology; The structure, usage of technology as well as the function of creating a loop to reuse the steam emitted, save fuel, and costs were presented and discussed by Dr. Hyung-Keun Lee. On this occasion, the objective, vision and mission of the Korea Energy Research Institute is to research to create many core technologies, using technology in the field of renewable energy in the near future was also introduced. The contents of the cooperation program between KIER and TDTU such as coordinating the implementation of scientific research projects on renewable energy, student exchange, and interns were considered.

Through the seminar, new knowledge content from the project "Reusing steam through smart membrane technology" was disseminated to the students, students; Faculty, Institutes and Universities increase mutual understanding, the effective cooperation between KIER and TDTU will create many good learning opportunities for students on both sides, especially the joint implementation of national projects. in science research.

Some picture of seminar:

Overview of seminar
Dr. Hyung-Keun Lee presenting the technology
The lectures discussing about the technology
The FEEE’leader giving souvenir for the Institute’s surrogate
The surrogates of Institute of Energy Research at the seminar