Journal Club seminar on Kalman filter for IoT

For the purpose of promoting research activities among faculty’s lecturers, researchers and students, the Faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineerring (FEEE) organized a Journal Club seminar at Meeting Room C, Tan Phong campus, Ton Duc Thang University on the afternoon of October 17th, 2022.

           The topic of the Journal Club seminar is the article "IoT Implementation of Kalman Filter to Improve Accuracy of Air Quality Monitoring and Prediction", presented by Dr. Viet Hung Tran and participated with a large group of lecturers and students from the Faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineerring. Dr. Viet Hung Tran decided to share a research that applied the Kalman filter to meteorology forcast and Node Red IoT systems. This novel research has been successfully applied by students in Ton Duc Thang university in an experiment kit of Node Red IoT for the course of process control and achieved several prizes of research competitions for pupils and students.

           This topic has received a lot of suggestions from lecturers, students and, in particular, the chief of the Faculty. The seminar has completed with success. Through this sharing activity, faculty members learns of a new approach to Node Red IoT systems in industry.

           Some pictures at the Journal Club seminar:

The view of Journal Club seminar with the participation of lecturers and students from the FEEE, at Meeting Room C on 17th October 2022
Poster of experiment kit Kalman - Node Red IoT in  the course of process control with pupils and students at Ton Duc Thang university – Authors: Mr. Hoang Trung Le (41800781) and Ms. Ha My Tran (Grade 12, the highschool Vinschool Central Park)
Third prize in presentation for experiment kit Kalman - Node Red IoT of Mr. Hoang Trung Le and Ms. Ha My Tran in Research Festival of 25-years founding ceremony of Ton Duc Thang university on 17th September 2022.