The first dialogue between Faculty Management Board and students 
in the second semester – the academic year 2019-2020

On January 3, 2020 and January 10, 2020, at Room C411, Ton Duc Thang University took place two direct dialogues between the Management Board (MB) of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering with more than 550 students.

At the dialogues, representatives of the Faculty Leader had disseminated to the students some remarkable contents such as the implementation of the school's rules, exchanging with the students about the points to be noted in the new semester, how to apply for graduation projects at universities in Taiwan for final students.

Especially, for the new class students, the important notes from the dialogues were studying the English language in university, courses register, no cheating in the exam, and the undergraduate and graduate study programs.

The MB also listened and gave advises to solve the difficulties that the students spoke out. Through this meeting, they could understand the education situations and desires of students. Hence, immediate and effective solutions will be suggested to improve the quality of education and training for helping the students’ development.

Some photos of two dialogues:

All students were reminded of the university regulations
The students of class 23 at the dialogue
Instructing senior students to sign up for the graduation project in Taiwan
The difficult problems of students were expressed with the FMB
The dialogues ended with useful information